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We’ve had a lot of  great feedback over the past few years, and amongst our favourite is that we’ve saved a few potential buyers from making costly mistakes by using the fake PloProf and Tudor Sub articles, that’s always great news! We will continue to bring you more information on cool watches and continue to update the articles already written with new information, as we uncover it!
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After the huge success of our Aquadive Model 50 article, DeskDivers’ aid was sought to help resuscitate an example of this superb watch that was way past its best. In the process of bringing the patient back from Davey Jones’ Locker we answered the questions you were afraid to ask; so if you want to know what fryquel smells like, or how to paint with a human hair, click this link.... Aquadive Model 50 Restoration
DeskDivers has been on its travels again with a revisit to Hong Kong, so it was time to run around the wonderful city, eating great Dim Sum and checking out watches! Naturally we will not keep the experience to ourselves and have updated the original DeskDivers Hong Kong watch shopping article with even more added value for our readers, if you’re heading over there then if you take nothing else for the trip, pack this link… Hong Kong revisited
Just when we all thought Sinn had closed the book on the EZM2 story, they surprised us with the sale of a number of perfectly wabi’d watches that had originally been issued to the GSG9. Demand was higher than the retailer tasked with the sale had expected, but any WIS could have told them it would be! For the full story, follow this link… Issued EZM2s!
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