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DeskDivers.com provides a serious, and at times light hearted, look at the rarer and undiscovered gems of the 'toolwatch' world. All the articles on the website are written from first hand experience and contain exhaustive research. The DeskDivers team dig out lost information, do their best to unlock long lost secrets and offer possible solutions to some of the unanswered questions posed by modern collectors. Expert watch photographers are used to comprehensively illustrate each article with as many newly commissioned pictures as required and the photos and text reflect the distinctive DeskDivers style, to provide compulsive reading with the unique DeskDivers twist.
Formed in 2006 as a partnership between Andy Foster and Jon Wallis. The initial idea for DeskDivers stemming from their shared passion for horology, modern journalism and photography. This led quickly to the creative outlet you are reading now, DeskDivers.com. Over the past few years the site has become respected as one of the most authoritative dive watch references on the internet.
The DeskDivers team work hard to locate historical facts and technical details for all aspects of the watch being profiled. This in-depth research is then combined with the team’s own hands-on observations and is laid out as an easy to digest article, always containing the DeskDivers’ signature blend of humour, honest reporting and full illustrations. With this type of full and frank appraisal, along with the obvious increased exposure, many of the DeskDivers featured watches have also risen in value once the article is published. The increased awareness forging a firm rise in demand; a fact that has both positive and negative aspects depending on weather you are a buyer, a seller or a collector. Over the years, manufacturers have taken note of this phenomenon and increasingly they have contacted the DeskDivers team to work with them to create articles / PR for various websites and magazines.
DeskDivers Ltd is not limited to the website, that only showcases one part of the team’s activities, that of copywriting. The business has been proven to provide other valuable services to manufacturers and resellers in the horological industry, with the team being engaged for both general consultancy along with copywriting and webdesign. DeskDivers team members’ in depth horological product knowledge is backed up with years of hands on experience in their respective industries. Their skill-sets spanning IT & Business Decision Making, Engineering, Product & Project Management, Promotion/Sales, Television Production, Training and best practice Web Design Concepts. The team combines these skills and experience with a thorough understanding of how these elements are best utilised in today’s Internet based world to add value and build revenue. If you would like to put the team to use in your business please feel free to contact DeskDivers using the contact form.
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