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Whilst we have added to the information about other watches, the wealth of information hosted by DeskDivers about the ploprof also grew over the years and a large slice of the site became a homage to the great watch, leading some to suggest that perhaps we have become a little PloProf heavy. will now become the home for all things about the Omega PloProf models.
The move of the PloProf information to its own dedicated site will leave room at DeskDivers to focus on what we originally set out to do, namely to give you the information you couldn’t find elsewhere about rare dive watches...
Now, of course to celebrate the new site and these changes, we’ve got a superb (if we say so ourselves) article just round the corner for you. Its probably the biggest and best work we’ve done to date and we think you will be impressed... It will be released shortly so please keep checking back on the site.
After all the recent excitement with the birth of our new baby, (focusing purely on the Omega PloProf), you could be forgiven for thinking that we might neglect its elder DeskDivers sibling, but like all good parents we can assure you that’s just not going to be the case! So, with the creation of the new ‘PloProf only’ website, can now get back to focusing on what it does best: Namely bringing you in depth information about those watches its impossible to learn about elsewhere. So to help it get back on track and to also celebrate all the recent changes we’ve made to the websites, we’ve got something very special for you indeed and one of our posh mates has called it our ‘magnum opus’, whatever that is... We hope its a good thing! :)
The article starts with a short story of mystery, intrigue and deception which leads directly to the birth of a technical marvel with Italian flair - No other watch can offer that kind of backstory! As some of you may know, this article took some time to come to fruition due to the volume of research that was needed to be completed to do justice to this special timepiece. The full story or the Anonimo Polluce is a great yarn and the information gathered about the Polluce wreck and the efforts to salvage her, the Anonimo company and also the Sellita SW200 movement is all revealed along the way. We just know you will like this one and its been suggested that it should come with a warning... Perhaps, ‘Surgeon General’s Warning: be aware it will take you around 2 hours to read this in one sitting’... but like all good warnings, we should ignore them and simply ‘Enjoy’!
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The modern world just gets better and better for dive watch enthusiasts. In recent years not only have we had Omega releasing a new PloProf (and this year in a white dial version!) and Rolex upsizing its Submariner range, but now we have the best news of all… a new rubber dive strap! (no that’s not a typo!)
Yes, We’ve finally lost it… we’re getting excited about a rubber strap! Ok, agreed, on the face of it that does seem a bit strange, but this isn’t quite as simple as the words might suggest. This story is of an old brand that has been re-launched and over the next year will be bringing further sizes and colours of this strap to market. But why all the excitement from DeskDivers? Well we are talking about Isofrane, makers of the best rubber dive straps… ever!
We’ve been watching as the original straps went beyond our reach the past few years and the option to buy a new version was too much to hope for. We now have examples of the new strap and have reviewed them in comparison to the original straps, as used on all good vintage dive watches. We think you will like these, we did… For the low down hit this link Isofrane Straps
Back in 1968 a small watch company filed a patent for cool idea to measure depth on the dial of a normal dive watch. They decided to back that watch with technology through and through using cutting edge ideas including hydraulics and an electronic movement.
What started out as a good idea became a seriously good product, not without its ups and downs of course, yet within 10 years the company was no more... Quite a roller coaster of a ride for any business! To get the full story, click this link.... Aquadive Time-Depth Model 50
We’ve also made some changes to the site layout. You’ll now find a new set of buttons below the bottom strap on each page giving direct access to the Media, Contact and About pages, much more convenient than the old single links on the Home page we’re sure you’ll agree...