Links Roy L. Taylor Watches - The DeskDivers met on Roy’s watch forum, great quality watches from a friendly seller Shane Delaurian Straps  - The master strap maker’s own website... hallowed ground for the skins of dead things Roger Ruegger - A vast ocean of dive-watch information Clayman - great site with wonderful photos of diving grails and how to spot a fake Omega SM300 Omega Traditions - Omegas own website regarding their vintage watches - you will need to register Vintage Submariner -  A great site that is a first stop for those wanting to delve into the details of vintage Rolex Submariners Old-Omegas - Steve Waddington’s comprehensive collection of Omega reference material including manuals, catalogues and reviews of his own watches Electric-watches - fascinating site on electric and electronic watches, their history, design and operation. Check out the Junghans Dato-Chron diver, gorgeous.
Toshi Straps - Richard’s great quality bespoke British wrist tailoring DeskDivers
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 Oceanic Time - Richard’s great quality bespoke British wrist tailoring Nick Hacko

Nick has been a watch dealer for many years, but is a rarity in that he is also a master watchmaker and can most likely strip and rebuild a Rolex Submariner with his eyes shut! He was probably the first dealer Australia to make use of the internet with his sales site, where he was undoubtedly the first in the world to put up photos of the timing machine results for every watch he sells. The sales site is nice, but what we love is Nick’s Blog, he doesn’t post daily, but when he does he tells it ‘like it is’, and some of it sure needed telling!
Deskdivers didn’t get where we are today without making a few friends along the way. Many of those friends have been with us right from the start and a number of them have provided us with useful information either for the site, or helped us out when we were making purchases and working on watches. For completeness we’ve also included some sites of other friends of ours and these include a couple of strap makers whom we buy from, some forums we hang out on, and also some blogs we read. Again, thanks to all the friends of Deskdivers, long may their sites continue! Here they are in no particular order...
Toshi Straps

Deskdivers other favourite strap maker is our good friend Rich from the UK. Deskdivers have been working with Rich right from when he was starting out with strap making, taking some of his first prototype straps to help kick start the business. Rich builds consistently nice quality straps and all are handmade. Toshi straps offers a range of options which buyers can pick from and the prices are very keen for a fully handmade product.