The Number 1 Internet Gambling site
Buy stuff off complete strangers, nightmare. Or not?
One of the greatest rushes off eBay is the Gamble, second only to manual sniping. Dodgy picture, vague description, a hunch that the seller does not know what they've got, irresistible.
So what's the system and is there one?
Well no, there is not a system, like all gambling, in the end the house wins. But there are tricks and rules. Like all gambling its a combination of luck and judgement and that's what makes it so delicious.
1. know your subject
2. set a limit, only bid what you are prepared to lose
3. use your common sense
and if you are lucky the postie could bring a real treat.
A few examples
Accutron 214 hidden spaceview, tiny pic but the black dial looked cool, was advertised as running fast. A wee tweak and what a smashing addition to the collection
Omega f300 Geneve. This looked like it had been dredged up off the bottom of an estuary. However even through the battered crystal the dial looks good. There was also a reverse shot that showed a very clean movement. Advertised as a non-runner but desirable just for the case, it actually had displaced index fingers and just needed a new battery.
A new crystal and......
Divers Timexes are rare with the bezel intact so this was worth a punt, advertised as working so in went the bid.
Its knackered, second hand missing overwound and in a bit of a state. Well i did warn you.
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